How Online Traffic School Works

Actually, It's All Pretty Simple...

Upon completion of this online traffic school course we will file your DMV approved certificate of completion electronically with the Court and DMV. Our course talks with the DMV's database and allows us to submit completion certificates directly to them. The DMV only allows the highest volume traffic schools to connect to their database which allows us to provide a better service for our customers. Once we E-file your completion certificate, the results will in effect “mask” or “hide” your traffic ticket from your official DMV driving record and help keep your insurance rates low because your insurance carrier will never even see the traffic ticket you received. This means NO INSURANCE PREMIUM INCREASE!

From the time your register, our Legendary Customer Support Team will guide you through any part of the online traffic school process. Our crew is pretty knowledgeable and we truly believe there are no "dumb" questions. Don’t hestitate to ask… we’re here to help.

How does online traffic school work?

1.) Register for the Course

You will receive a courtesy letter from the court approximately 2 or 3 weeks after you get your ticket. This letter will inform you if you are court-approved to take traffic school and when your traffic school due date is.

We'll need some specific information when you register like Citation #, DL #,, please come prepared when registering. Our course is fully DMV Licensed, meets the requirements for reducing points and meets the state-required 8 hours, which you may work through at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Registering is easy and only takes a couple minutes. What are you waiting for? Keep your insurance rates low and remove that pesky ticket off your driving record now!

2.) Select the Package

We offer different packages with various prices and features.Our Basic Package starts at $19.95 and has everything needed to dismiss your traffic ticket. The upgraded PREMIUM & ULTIMATE packages simply offer more features, tracking numbers, expedited processing, court verifications, etc. Remember, we have a Low Price Guarantee and will match any competitors price offering the same product by crediting the difference back to the original payment method.

3.) Receive Certificate of Completion

Once you've passed your final exam, your Approved Certificate of Completion will be available for download in your account. Once you receive your completion certificate, you have our guarantee that it will be electronically sent to the DMV and court with 3 business days (the same business day if you’ve purchased the Epic or Ultimate package).

The court receives your certificate the same day we electronically send it to them. It is time and date stamped by the court. This date along with the date you completed traffic school lets the court know if you have met their traffic school deadline requirement. After the court administrators receive your certificate, they process it. Depending on how backlogged the court is, this can take a few days to a few weeks.

Do not expect your certificate to show up immediately, because the court database methods are pretty antiquated. We recommend that you follow-up with the court 30 days after you have passed traffic school to be certain the court has processed your certificate.

Benefits of Taking Our Course

You’ll reap many benefits after taking our easy-to-follow course, including avoiding any insurance increases, ability to complete the course on your own time, availability in desktop, mobile or text format, and friendly, local and live customer support. Best of all, we’ll take care of finalizing your completion certificate the moment you finish the course and send that information to the court and DMV.

How Traffic School Helps You

Attending our traffic school course can help you in reducing your insurance rates and masking your traffic ticket. This is resolved by registering for a course and providing proof of completion. In both instances, you’ll just need to provide us with your traffic citation and a government-issued identification. One important thing to note for ticket masking is that you must be able to confirm that you have a valid driver’s license, your ticket or traffic violation is unrelated to alcohol and that you have not previously attended traffic school in the last 18 months.

To enjoy all the benefits of our website, simply enroll in our California DMV-approved traffic school course, which fulfills the DMV’s 8-hour course requirement, and you’re on your way! Once we’ve confirmed the course has been completed, we’ll send the information to you and the DMV. From there, you can either take the proof of completion to your insurance agent to discuss lowering your insurance rates or follow-up with the DMV to ensure your driving record has been updated, depending on your situation.

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